Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Ten Commandments As Applied Today

1. This first one forbids worshiping of all foreign Gods. A man who said the Jewish God was only for the Jews delivered this to the Hebrew people. This could only mean that the worship of the God of Christians is forbidden.

2. The second one forbids the worshipping of false images. The God of the Jews ordered this. Jesus depicted on the cross would be a false image.

3. The third forbids using the name of God in a derogatory manner. Today we often hear Christians curse their enemies using God’s name.

4. The fourth orders us to remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy. The vast majority of business activity in Christian countries today is no different on Sunday than the rest of the week.

5. The fifth demands that we honor our parents. This still happens but many today are not willing to honor anyone or anything.

6. The sixth forbids us to murder another person, No one seems to believe in this one anymore. We are constantly sending our young people off to kill all our enemies.

7. The seventh forbids adultery. Christians who wind up in bad marriages have always ignored this one. Technically, it also forbids the having of more than one wife, which was common through history and still happens in many countries.

8. The eighth forbids theft. This one still makes sense but is one of the most often violated.

9. The ninth forbids us to tell lies. Everyone lies about some things and sometimes we even lie to ourselves.

10. The tenth forbids coveting, which is the mental desiring of something that belongs to another. This one was never practical. No one can control their mental impulses to desire something that attracts them. We can only control our actions and never our thoughts.

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